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Outplacement Firms

Outplacement Firms:

Add Value and Revenue to your Programs with The Successful Job Search Center

New Edge Consultants excels in creating business relationships that transcend into personal friendships with our partners since they usually acquire our platform to enhance their offerings to their specific client base. In many cases they ask us to tailor our platforms, so no direct connection is made to New Edge Consultants as a preferred marketing approach for their business strategy.

We firmly believe in our founders philosophy in not only build a sustainable business relationship but a life long personal one. Where we can contact each other even when no business agenda is in place and provide counsel to their strategies if asked with no expectations behind it.

We are in a very competitive market where we are able to offer services backed by a unique platform utilize for career transition and outplacement, which allows our current or future partners to not only improve their offering but win the contract, which in most cases has proven that the acquisition  of “The Successful Job Search Center” is what makes or breaks winning the contract.

“The Successful Job Search Center” is an amazing tool/platform for outplacement and career transition delivery that not only adds immeasurable value but as a marketing tool has shown to be invaluable. Below we’ll mention some, where New Edge Consultants was not asked not to be mentioned by our partners request.

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