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Career Transition and Outplacement Solutions

As globalization takes a stronger hold on the business world so do the rapid changes in business structures. Economy trends, company re-structuring, mergers, acquisitions, corporate relocation and geographic diversification, and the newly graduated workforce are some of the reasons for a experienced and proven career transition and outplacement solution.

The weight of assisting individuals to a successful job search falls on Companies, Outplacement Firms, Government entities, Career Centers, Recruitment Firms, Job Boards, Universities and MBA programs Career Counselors to ensure a quick and successful process.

Utilizing a unique and cost effective career transition & Outplacement provider can help ensure that the many challenges faced in facilitating career transition and outplacement solutions in an efficient manner are accomplished.

The Outplacement & Career Transition Company

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New Edge Consultants has developed “The Successful Job Search Center” this career transition platform enables administrators and consultants to manage the outplacement process with powerful tools, reducing the costs involved by up to 75% compared to traditional systems.

Organizations can ensure positive relations with their clients by supporting them in their next career move, delivering leading-edge career transition and outplacement solutions that don’t just help them finding a job, but the best opportunity at that time in their careers 50% faster.

Supporting Transitioning Clients

Our Platform with our comprehensive step by step trade mark Road-Map to a Successful job Search solution empowers, guides, coaches transitioning individuals to make their career moves with the resources they need to succeed in their next role as an employee or even if they choose to become a consultant, entrepreneur by starting, buying or become a franchisee in a business. Outplaced employees and/or students and recent graduates gain access to our online platform and resources, featuring key strategies and tools for conducting successful campaigns so they can step into their next roles in as little time as possible.

Most Effective Solutions for any Organization

New Edge Consultants with “The Successful Job Search Center” is the industry's leading online career transition solution, used by outplacement and career management firms as the best solution powering their practice, client delivery, and consultant management, improving the overall career transition experience for all candidates.

New Edge consultants also helps recruitment firms, job boards, government organizations, for and non-profit career centers, universities and/or MBA Programs, and corporations to offer career transition and outplacement services to their members.

We’ve re-defined the Career Transition and Outplacement industry by maintaining the human touch merged with cutting edge technology giving the best support to individuals for longer periods of time 24/7. Offering the most effective experience available. Drastically cutting costs.


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