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Recruitment Firms

Recruitment Firms:

Add New Revenue Stream by offering Outplacement Services

New Edge Consultants has helped Recruitment and Staffing agencies increase their revenue by guiding them in how to generate or increase their sources of income.

Recruitment firms add outplacement and career transition services as a way of transforming their company into a recession-proof entity, when no matter where the economy decides to go the stream of income does not stop.


If corporations are in search of talent recruitment services are offered if those same companies are relocating, re-structuring, merging, etc and a reduction of workforce is necessary by one or a thousand employees outplacement and career transition services are also offered.

Utilize your current relationships and skills to generate a constant revenue stream. Some recruitment firms and employment agencies stay away because of their lack of competitive edge in their outplacement and career transition offerings.

Another mistake is to wait until business slows down to enact the other. Since even during the best economies changes are made (reduction of workforce) at the same companies where new talent is needed. Is the perfect combination, regardless of their needs “you” as a recruitment firm or staffing agency can capitalize on those needs.

New Edge Consultants will provide training and expertise together with the best outplacement and career transition platform in the market “The Successful Job Search Center” that has proven to bring value and aid in the marketing of any service offered to win the most contested contracts.

We’ll certify your company and coaches to provide quality driven outplacement and career transition services at a competitive price. We provide all the technology and professional guidance you need to make the transition.

Thanks to the merge of the human touch with technology that traditional services can’t match. This unbeatable price dramatically increases your Return on Investment compared with offering only traditional outplacement and career transition services.

Our “Road-Map to a Successful Job Search” will place those affected employees faster. Once placed they’ll remember your company and as a result will recommend you to their new employer in case the require recruitment or outplacement and career transition services.

Not only you are creating a stream of revenue at that time but marketing your firm for more business in the future at the new companies the most powerful and effective way: Through referrals.

We offer over 20 years of experience in the field, we have successfully partnered with large, medium and small organizations through transition and business growth periods. We use a proven step by step methodology based on over 20 years of research. We offer the core technology supporting outplacement and career transition service delivery to job seekers.

Best practices to build a framework for managing outplacement and career transition administration, New Edge Consultants supports thousands of job seekers in their career transition activities, and is the platform of choice for career management consultants in recruitment and outplacement firms in the world.

Contact us and find out why New Edge Consultants is the best choice to power your outplacement and career transition service business.