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Career Centers

Job Boards:

Enhance & add new Revenue Stream by offering The Successful Job Search Center

Career Centers-Career placement office, or Career Office:

Add “The Successful Job Search Center: Increase Success and Reduce Costs!

New Edge Consultants and our Platform “The Successful Job Search Center” a premium outplacement and career transition resource, is where the human touch and cutting edge technology meet. Our Founder Fernando Ratkoczy over the years realized that cost and efficiency had not been tapped into its fullest by using traditional career management methodologies. But choices where limited since technology was not there yet.

Career Centers across the globe that search for a partner in supporting their efforts enjoy today a more efficient and superior results organization thanks to “The Successful Job Search Center”.

We provide tailored support to each Career Center’s particular needs.

Career Centers at Universities, government, non-profit, for profit, military,etc utilize our Platform, which makes job seekers more competitive and ultimately more successful. There is a common theme among them: An increase for E-learning tools to be access 24/7  365 days a year from anywhere by anyone with credentials.

Provide these core benefits to your career center:

Enhanced job seeking tools and advice from the most experienced career management consultants and a comprehensive set of career resources and tools.


Creation of a one-stop shop to reemployment by providing cost effective and advanced career tools and services.

Please contact us to explore together how we can partner with your institution and staff to maximize results.

Job Boards

At New Edge Consultants we offer multiple ways of increasing or even creating a new revenue stream for your online business by utilizing your current Job Board settings.

Every business goal is to offer a service that provides solutions to your clients without the need for them to go anywhere else.

Let’s first talk about Job Seekers:

If job seekers find that your Job Board not only provides a list of job openings but also the option of gaining access to the most effective career transition platform “The Successful Job Search Center”, which will give them today’s most advanced job search strategies to get those jobs, they’ll keep coming back and create, what we call: A full circle referral system. As a Job Board you have become an employer of choice for top talent by enriching your online career search services.

Let’s talk about employers, employment agencies and recruitment firms:

For most Job Boards these are the revenue generators, by placing job opening or by gaining access to the top human talent in your database. There is one think all of these revenue generators have in common: They expect to find not only the best available human talent in the labor market but the ones that are best prepared to understand who they are, what they offer, and mostly, how they can benefit the organization they’ll be interviewing for, in the short, medium and long term. As every business there is nothing better than repeat business.

To have an exceptional offering and to become the Job Board that fulfils all the employers, employment agencies and recruitment firms needs is what is all about. As with job seekers they’ll keep coming back and create a full circle referral system. For these reasons alone to have the Career Transition platform “The Successful Job Search Center”  available will create a marketing advantage and secure your revenue stream to grow steadily.

Let’s talk about creating a new revenue stream for your Job Board:

The Successful Job search Center” which has been designed so it can be offered in Modules instead of as a complete platform only (There are 8 Modules) will generate another revenue stream when job seeker choose to gain access to the platform to beat their competition.

There are multiple ways in which New Edge Consultants facilitates in how the integration between you an us would work.

Please contact us to discuss how New Edge Consultants can tailor our Platform to your needs. Remember if you choose to have “The Successful Job search Center” called e.g. “Job Board Career Training Center” with your logo on it. No problem can be done.

Our online career center solution is used by hundreds of organizations throughout the world. Your candidates will be more competitive, better informed about their next career move, and ultimately better prospects for employment.