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Printed Book/Binder or Digital Copy “The RoadMap-A Job Search Process Guide”

Our guide includes almost 100 pages of

information with excellent guidance.

The Successful Job Search Center:

Increases Value, Reduces Delivery Costs and is Accessible 24/7 from Anywhere on the Globe

The Successful Job Search Center

The Successful Job Search Center has accomplished the best of all worlds, it maintains the human touch allowing the best Career Management Consultants to assist and support  your employees  when they need it the most.  This advice, guidance and support is accessible for longer periods of time ensuring a proper career transition at a fraction of the cost of outdated traditional services.

Over the last 20 years the very top Career Management Consultants have had the opportunity to consult face to face with thousands of clients and worked in this capacity with the largest outplacement companies in the world.

This method of operation has given the on site consultant the opportunity to witness first hand the pros and cons of traditional services. As an experienced Career Management Consultant you strive to provide the client with the very finest in service but quickly encounter limitations specifically set by the cost of these services. These cost constraints severely limit critical consulting time spent with the client resulting in an inefficient and sub-standard service. This consulting time constraint is the primary defect that New Edge Consultants has identified in the Career transition and Outplacement Service field.



The ROADMAP has eight (8) steps covering the specific topic at hand. The eight (8) steps are as follows:


        1. Examine Options

        3. Build an Effective Resume  

        7. Master Interviewing


Job Boards and More

Cover Letters Templates and Samples (Downloadable)

Resume Templates and Samples (Downloadable)

US Companies’ Data

Clients’ Forum

Modules’ Quizzes

Multiple Source News Feeds to the minute

Job Search Tips

“The Successful Job Search Center Chat Room

Entrepreneurship & Consulting

And much, much more...

Through the creation of “The Successful Job Search Center” we have eliminated this critical flaw resulting in a more efficient and rapid career placement result for the client. There is no other state of the art system like “The Successful Job Search Center”.

New Edge Consultants defines the perfect outplacement package as the program that will give the client 24/7 support from the moment he or she learns they have been laid off until they move on to the next opportunity. This opportunity should not be "just any job" but the finest job at this time in our clients careers.

To create a "perfect program" utilizing traditional methods we would at the very least have to position approximately 10 to 15 of the very finest Career Management Consultants in a conference room within walking distance of the clients home allowing 24/7 access.

These Consultants would be accessible at all times to the client on a 24/7 basis providing their advice and strategies utilizing their combined experience, skill and knowledge. We also want them to be available for months, if necessary, so the client is able to approach them at any time in the job search process.

If there are no limits on costs this system is possible, but in real world terms this type of system isn't feasible. Even though its what the client deserves to ensure a proper career transition its not reality. If this "perfect system" described was actually enabled we estimate its costs would exceed the 10 million dollar mark.

New Edge Consultants and its Team decided to develop an approach, which we call: “The Successful Job Search Center”, where we took the 10 million dollar program and enabled its access to literally thousands of people. These thousands of clients have access to this board room using a unique methodology and delivery system that can be virtually accessed anywhere in the world 24/7,  if necessary for months.

New Edge Consultants has developed a “Job Search Process ROADMAP” that begins from the initial thought of searching for a new position or changing careers,  by voluntary or involuntary circumstances, to the successful transition to a new position.