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Consulting Services

Executive Coaching Services

Executive coaching is directly involved at a professional level with those on decision making positions. The level of these professionals may vary depending on company, size, structure and complexity.

Executive coaching in its core is to develop or enhance existing leadership skills. Companies and/or individuals seek executive coaching when:

New Edge Consultants brings the knowledge, experience and expertise to quickly grasp each client’s situation, and apply the most advanced approach to coaching that keeps business needs matched with the needs of the individuals asked to be coached. New Edge Consultants coaching solutions have been developed to target business growth needs, improve business performance, and build and nurture your future leader team members. All of our Executive Coaching programs are available through teleconferencing minimizing costs and broadening the ability to communicate on a more powerful and flexible schedule.

Simplicity is king so we interact utilizing advanced methodology with talent management and HR leaders to start and manage multiple coaching projects. The New Edge Consultants Management Team has a global reach that enables us to manage scheduling and maintain quality on small or large projects across all geographies.

Coaching services are developed to help you understand how your environment operates, how to align your practices to business strategy, and how to stay focused on mission critical behaviors.

Coaching is building a partnership that bonds in a professional matter without forgetting the personal site of trust developed between these players. Coaching in a process in which you are able to discover answers to your most difficult business and life questions and challenges. The Process of coaching uses a constantly evolving process of figuring out what is really important or bottom line issues, goal setting, strategies development and critical actions to be taken to achieve, what sometimes seem to the naked eye, the unachievable or dreams.

Let’s remember these key steps to success. All starts with a dream, slowly becomes a thought that persists in our minds, suddenly it sounds like a good idea worth pursuing, then the first strokes of a plan are forged by writing down facts, steps needed, research, resources required, goals etc and finally once placed into action is a reality.

Having a coach can bring this dream into reality that otherwise might have been lost over time. That’s why it’s imperative to be supported, encouraged, and taken to new “Yes it can be done”. You’ll become committed, and action-oriented to achieve personal and professional goals.

How coaching benefits a company or individuals:

Industries we have partnered with to successfully meet our clients goals include the following:

Aerospace and defense

Banking and financial services

Computer, software and peripherals

Consumer products, sales and electronics

Energy, utilities, petrochemicals and natural resources

Food, beverage and tobacco

Hospitality and travel

Hospitals and healthcare services

Industrial manufacturing, products and services


Media and entertainment

Not-for-profit, government and associations


Professional business services

Retail and wholesale


Executive Coaching

“Professional Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses, and organizations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.”  International Coaching Federation Definition of Coaching