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Why use an outplacement & Career Transition firm?

When a company decides to re-structure and has to determine which employees must be let go and at what critical time this transition will take place, its corporate image and employee brand can be dramatically affected. Using outplacement services at this time of change will smooth the process for the employees and the company and can greatly reduce the possibility of litigation and damage to the company itself.

Outplacement is the right thing to do but is there a return on investment (ROI)?

Yes, It’s the right thing to do but its  also an important return on investment and a wise and cost effective business decision. Offering additional help in the form of Outplacement Services to employees that otherwise might feel abandoned and under-appreciated is a good investment. The resources supplied by the former employer in the form of an outplacement package will greatly aid those in their transition to new positions, mild or drastic changes in career direction or even retirement.  Extremely important is the experience utilizing these programs, but the most important is the results accomplished. Avoids the potential cost of any litigation, brand exposure, etc

Why choose New Edge Consultants as your outplacement firm?

New Edge Consultants has successfully helped job seekers at all levels and disciplines manage career transition. We use a proven step by step methodology based on 20 years of research.

We offer a variety of packages for all levels and disciplines. If you have budget considerations we offer one of the most affordable and effective services available today. Our Team of professionals will make sure that your budget concerns are met and that you offer your valued employees the most state of the art and comprehensive outplacement package available.

Does New Edge Consultants work with employees across the U.S.?

Yes, we work with outplaced employees located across the U.S. using a virtual delivery model with options. We engage employees in the job search process through the The Successful Job Search Center; which enables the closest consultant-client relationship building method available, reducing the overall fee costs. Quality and technology allow us to bring the traditional one-on-one outplacement service with low overhead cost.   

What does an outplacement/career transition firm do?

Outplacement firms support individuals in dealing with the change of losing a job and help them move forward into a new role with a positive attitude. They also provide support to former employees who choose a new direction in their careers by preparing them to deal with a competitive market. The length of the process can be reduced by 50% An outplacement firm can provide the results and efficiency, which are dramatically improved by utilizing a step by step process in the job search. Lets not forget the company's reputation among the employees affected by the change.

When the firm is involved early in the process, they can provide aid and guidance through the necessary steps. This assistance can relieve the pressure from you and your team ensuring the avoidance of potentially costly mistakes. Employees receiving outplacement services are less likely to pursue legal action or litigation against the company.

What type (level, skills, profession, etc) of employees do you work with?

We work with all types of outplaced employees, such as executive-level employees, Directors, Managers, Representatives, Project Managers, IT Specialists, Software Engineers, Consultants, Auditors, Accounting Specialists, Production Personnel and Administrative Support Staff.

What services are included in your outplacement packages?

New Edge Consultants outplacement packages provide a job search process methodology backed by over 20 years of research in yielding a positive and rapid outcome for all parties involved.

The various add on formats available for New Edge Consultants outplacement services are as follows:

Audio-Visual DVD-CD Packages

The Successful Job Search Center

Book-Digital of “The RoadMap-A Job Search Process Guide”

How do I go about placing an order?

You can contact us on the phone by dialing 760-536 8685 or by e-mail at:

We will assign to you a Management Consultant in your region that will help you tailor the proper outplacement service to fulfill your company's needs.

In what format are services paid for?

You can place your order using a Visa, Master-Card, American Express or Discover card. You can also issue a Purchase Order for us to invoice against or we can send you an invoice and you can pay us by check.

What kind of information do you need from us?

1. Contact information of lead person handling the process for your company.

2. A list of displaced employees that includes:  

    A. The outplacement package you have chosen for each employee.

    B. The employee's contact information (First, last name, mailing address, telephone number and email address).

    C. The date each outplaced employee can be contacted by us.

    D. Any Key information you believe we should know that will facilitate the process.

Important note: Prior to discussing our services with your company, NEC provides you with a guaranteed confidentiality agreement protecting your company's interests and confidence.

Are office space and computers part of your outplacement packages?

No. Research and our experience has shown that most individuals either have a computer or they have access to one with Internet service. Most job seekers prefer to search for their new position at home. Together with advanced technology we are able to reduce costs in the deployment of our services focusing on quality and effectiveness.  That’s why we can focus on providing one-on-one consulting/coaching while maintaining very competitive pricing. It has been proven that employees find it more valuable to have access to a consultant than an office and/or computer.

If employees don’t use any service is there still a charge?

No. If you have placed an order and we have shipped materials to you or directly to your employee and they decide not to accept any other services, there is no charge to your company for the portion of the services not rendered or initiated. We can issue a credit for you to be used at a future time.

What kind of information should we relate to our employees so they are aware of the available services?

In their separation letter or notification you may relate our company information and the package they have received, letting them know that they can contact us (if you and they desire) or that we will contact them on the date you have given us to do so. Please discuss details with your Management Consultant to ensure services are provided appropriately and efficiently.

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